Monday, June 8, 2009


I had the pleasure of working with FREDDiE MAC in 2002, I know its seems like forever and some of you may wonder why you have never heard of him until now. After speaking with him, he told me that he was through with Hip Hop Battles (which he had won the last 7 and retired from Hi Hat 2000, a very popular club in Hattiesburg, MS, check out DJSWEAT2000 ( for more details) and wanted to concentrated of finding a more comfortable way to live and getting away from the battles was one thing he stressed mainly. He then moved to Maryland and jumped into the real estate business. I'm guessing with the money that was coming in, rap wasn't his biggest priority, until NOW and once again, Im glad that I know this guy. I told him he was gonna be a problem way back then, just by the way he puts lyrics together and the things he comes up with. Trust me when I say this, and this is in NO DISRESPECT to Mississippi artist, but this guy was WAY ahead of anything I heard while visiting and with this newly released track, he proves he has not lost it at all.

Check out FREDDiE MAC - Death of the Underated & Overdue (title is so fitting i must say)

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