Monday, June 8, 2009

Underated & Overdue Volume One

We all know that talent resides EVERYWHERE, not just NEW YORK CITY and LOS ANGELES and ATLANTA. Admist of the locations I have visited, hosted parties, hung out with celebs, popped the bottles, you know the usual ROCK STAR LIFE (yeah right!) DC is one of my favorite places to visit, not only because of the history, but the culture is so diverse, no one feels left out! The DMV (which most call the area which consist of DC/Southern Maryland/Northern Virginia) is bursting with HIP HOP Talent but it is often overlook by the deep vibe of Go Go Music which the city is known for. Wale ( is slowly changing this trend and setting the mark high for others to come after. That is why I decided to start off my mixtape catalog with the DMV. Showcasing their talent would be an honer for me in itself. I already have a few who are a lock in for the project, but if you know any other artist from that area, please have them send me their info ( ASAP. This mixtape has a deadline by June 30th!
Thanks again for your help!

Peace, Love, & Music

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